Meet the Team


Katia Hajduk

Class Expert

About Katia

Katia is originally from the beautiful state of Maine. From a young age, she loved the outdoors and nurtured a passion for traveling. With those twin interests, she journeyed to Saint Michael’s College of Vermont and earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies. Eager to pursue her calling in the environmental field and to explore other ecosystems, she worked for a year as an AmeriCorps member with the Northwest Florida Environmental Stewards program, and fell in love with the Choctawhatchee Bay environment. At the end of her AmeriCorps program year, Katia accepted a job with the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance, where she is a vital component of the Education Team. At work, Katia focuses on educating students in Grasses in Classes, and her role as volunteer coordinator for all CBA programs. She is excited to continue to network and represent the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance at events, where she aims to get more people involved with the organization, and to educate the community about the natural environment. During her free time, Katia enjoys staying active, whether swimming, walking on the beach, or playing mini golf.

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